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Standardised Work – Is it the forgotten tool of Lean?


Sustainable 5S in Maintenance; more than just 'Sort-Straighten-Shine-Standardise-Sustain'

So simple but yet so few succeed....especially in a Maintenance environment! 5S has many applications in a maintenance, yet it seems a struggle for many, having tried and failed or not sustaining what has been achieved but also improvements into the future.

Changing Our Approach To People To Build Stronger And Better Workplaces


2019 National Forum and Site Tours

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QLD & NSW Spring Newsletter 2019


NSW & QLD Spring Newsletter

There's no season like Spring, some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.
We have held some fantastic events over the past few months, including our Senior Leader Dinners in Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle, however the main event for the season was of course the annual SIRF National Forum which was held in Melbourne this year.
With such an exciting quarter it will be hard to beat.  Keep your eyes on our calendars to make sure you don't miss out on our upcoming events.

Hannah Watts
Customer Support & Event Manager

100% in Full, On Time, In Spec

Optimising Maintenance Strategies to Engage Trades & Remove Waste

As businesses progress in maintenance maturity, one aspect that deserves due attention is optimising maintenance strategies, particularly with the scope it has to greatly engage the trades and significantly remove waste from its operations.

Frontline Leadership – a critical coachable skill

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Masterclass on Scrum Methodology

Last week we had a fantastic Masterclass given by Australian Scrum pioneer; Rowan Bunning.

QLD & NSW Winter Newsletter 2019


 QLD & NSW Winter Newsletter

It’s time to bring out the heated blankets, fire pits and woolly socks; Winter’s here! We have had a great quarter with the QLD team welcoming David Newland on board as the new Training & Development Manager QLD, make sure to say hi to David at your next event.

We held some terrific events throughout Autumn, including the first Continuous Improvement Leaders breakfast in NSW. Thank you to our wonderful members Actron Air for hosting this event. We’ve had a diverse range of Common Interest Work Groups, Masterclasses and training events over the past few months with plenty more on the horizon. Keep your eye on our calendars for our upcoming events.

Hannah Watts
Customer Support & Event Manager


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