Phillip Slater


Recent Success: In the workshops conducted by Phillip for SIRF in 2023, attendees were astounded by his ability to streamline complexity and offer
real-world practical examples to every question posed over the course of
two days. This serves as a testament to the excellence  of his training sessions
and his profound industry knowledge.

Testimonials from Phillip's recent workshops 

There sure was a lot of energy in the recent workshop & the average feedback scores of 9.2/10 speaks volumes.

Some of the feedback comments from the workshop:

  • Feel a lot of agency to make a difference back at work
  • Great session, highly interactive
  • Inventory actions identified can benefit the business
  • Great learning, very practical
  • Every topic was relevant to my work
  • Immediate actions identified
  • Stock levels & optimisation ideas
  • Accounting roles should attend this workshop
  • Love ya work Phillip & Jeff!!!! (yes, that was actually one of the comments)


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Phillip Slater Books

Nine time author, and multi aware winning subject matter expert, Phillip takes trainees through all aspects of spare parts and inventory management in his 2 day course.

     29 August  Brisbane - 2 Day Course
     24 Oct   Melbourne - 2 Day Course