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Are you interested in "In House" training with Joel Levitt - leading training of maintenance professionals?

With strong interest building for a Joel Levitt trip down under we're seeking expressions of interest for those interested in an in-house workshop.
NOTE: We'll only have room for 1 or 2 in-house workshops this trip!

Global expert and 18 time author, Joel has trained thousands of people around the world on maintenance systems & practices.

What better way to understand how your company / site compares to global best practice than having a global expert on site to review your systems & practices. Ideally, this would be done prior to Joel delivering a tailored training course for your team to really get them focused on key areas for improvement.

The Maintenance Manager's Toolbox

The Maintenance Manager's role is a crucial one for most operations. The buck tends to stop with the Maintenance manager to not only maintain a company's assets, but as the key custodian for safety and quality aspects and ensuring the reliability of plant and equipment. This usually involves a juggling act between balancing a budget, satisfying multiple stakeholders and dealing with people and plant issues.

Role of the Maintenance Team Leader

The Role of the Maintenance Team Leader,

The Key Roles in Maintenance

The Key Roles in Maintenance


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