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Upcoming Problem Solving & Incident Investigation workshops

Upcoming Problem Solving & Incident Investigation courses across Aus/NZ: 

Training support isn’t a URL & zoom invite!

The benefits of virtual training can be huge, but it requires support from management to ensure it is effective use of time, funds & returns meaningful business outcome/s.

SIRF IMRt CIWG | Work Order Feedback Codes - 30 May 2023

Thank you all who attended the SIRF IMRt CIWG – Work Order Feedback Codes.

SIRF IMRt Masterclass | Root Cause Analysis (RCA) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) - 3rd May 2023


Significant Growth in RCA & 5YA3 Training


Structured problem solving addresses the cause and culture

"We've questioned whether we would have come up with the same solution option/s we are now recommending prior to doing this RCA course. Reality is, we wouldn't have. We would have just jumped in and spent a lot of money on the symptom". 

This was what one group said as they were presenting their project at the end of a recent 2 day RCA course in Tasmania. Their project outcome was recommending to spend $10k in order to save $400k. Yes, the numbers are correct!

That was just one of the three projects from the greater group, but the proud looks on their faces said it all. Terrific to have 3 Tassie companies involved, building confidence and capability in structured problem solving.

Upcoming public workshops can be found via the links below;

VicTas, SA, WA, NZ, Qld, NSW


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