Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which roundtable is best for me?

IMRt is for reliability and maintenance practitioners and engineers who strive to work in highly reliable plants delivered at the lowest sustainable cost through a culture of defect elimination and wise use of best practice tools.

OERt is for teams in charge of operations that want to improve their efficiency, take on best practices in logistics, inventory reduction, sustainability, reducing lead time and improving overall quality.

SCRt is concerned with the network between a company and its suppliers to produce and distribute products or services to customers.

Still not sure?
Contact one of our facilitators and they will sit down with you, discuss your needs and help you find the right roundtable for you.


I see an enormous benefit from joining SIRF Roundtables but how do I convince my company?

Humans naturally resist change. It’s in our nature to first look for threats, and then eventually we are able to see opportunities. This instinct can be intensified by today’s tough economic climate.

The best way to overcome this resistance is to visit a member site with your co-workers and managers to see the new practice in action. Fears fall away as personnel see how to do it and share in a common understanding of the way forward.

A core value of SIRF Rt is the ability to network and learn from your peers. At meetings, you can see how membership has benefited your peers. You can use their SIRF Rt success stories as testaments to the value of membership. Please feel free to speak to your facilitator for any assistance in finding the best approach for your company.


How can membership save me money?  How do I know that I will get enough in return?

It can be difficult to put a price tag on all of the benefits of a SIRF Roundtables membership. How do you measure in dollars, the difference a change in company culture can make? Or put a dollar value on the time saved by having access to a wealth of proven solutions that already exist?

Your membership does give you deep discounts on RCA Rt, RCA2GO, Lean Rt, National Forums and International Specialist Workshops. But most importantly your membership gives you access to the industry’s best minds, changing your perspective to reveal ideas that you never knew were possible.


Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely! We often have potential members attend a few events. We do this so you can get a feel for the membership benefits, and also so that we can determine if your company is a good fit for the Roundtable. Contact your local facilitator to arrange a spot in our next available event.

Did you rebrand SIRF?

No. One of the two business partners left the business. Jeff Naylor is the sole owner of SIRF Roundtables Pty/Ltd.
SIRF's membership is deliberately restricted to companies who dig up, process, manufacture or move stuff.
Whilst we engage specialist consultants & vendors they aren't eligible to be members of SIRF Roundtables to ensure we avoid any conflict of interest.

How do I become a member?

Contact your local facilitator to arrange a meeting where you can sit down and discuss the membership process.