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Some years ago, as a young engineer promoted into the role of Reliability manager for a large site in a regional country town, I received an email from someone about a meeting about reliability and it was at Qantas at the airport. Not sure I really fully understood what reliability really even meant at the time… so I thought why not attend… if anyone knows something about reliability it must be Qantas as their planes don’t fall out of the sky!

2019 SIRF National Forum - Melbourne 27th/28th August

SIRF National Forum (2page)

SIRF - Thales Bendigo Site Tour

Sincere thanks to the Thales Bendigo team for their great presentations and site tour hosting at the SIRF Thales Bendigo site tour last Tuesday.

The best thing about SIRF Roundtables

The beauty of SIRF Roundtables as a B2B best practice networking company is that we are industry confidante's and have remained financially independent for 30 years.

The Importance Of Humanity

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to spend some time with a group of SIRF members visiting the Arnott's factory in Brisbane, an iconic brand that has gone through significant change over the years to maintain efficiencies and position in an ever changing market. Most of those changes have centred around automation and robotics, with the impact on the facility achieving great results.

2018 Operational Excellence National Forum Overview

Another National Forum has now been and gone and I must say, what an amazing success!  The feedback has been brilliant and the attendees have gone away very much inspired.

SIRF Roundtables National Forums

SIRF Roundtables National Forums


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