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SIRF Inventory Management from a LEAN perspective - Dave Harnett from Continuous Wave

Thanks to all for attending the online SIRF OERt Masterclass | Inventory Management from a LEAN perspective on Tuesday 28th March 2023.

14th March  - Ductmakers Site Tour -  plus What Makes a Great LEAN Leader presentation and workshop

Our sincere thanks to Daryl Davis, Ductmakers’ GM and his team, Michael, Danny , Adrian ,An Ho for hosting this SIRF Ductmakers site tour.

18 Criteria for a Lean Layout -Part One

Above: AGV's can help with Criteria 9!

It’s been a while since I last wrote about one of my passions, Lean Layout Design. Previously I’ve written about Four Levels of Workplace Design and Eight Principles of Lean Layout, and at the end of the Lean Layout piece I teased two more articles explaining the 18 Criteria for a Lean Layout. Well, I’ve finally taken the time to put my thoughts together, and this is part one, the “front nine” of those 18 criteria. But first, a quick review:

Senior Leader Event | Design Thinking with Seamus Power - LP Partners

Topic: Critical future skill to drive innovation and customer connection and responsiveness

Seamus Power has 30+ years’ senior leadership experience as a CEO, General Manager successfully leading over 25 facility/organisation transformations in Australia, Europe and across Asia. Seamus is a recognised expert in Business Transformation, Design Thinking and Lean 6Sigma.  He is a founding partner of LP Partners, a consultancy which is focused on helping organisations  lift performance to world class levels of operational excellence and innovation.   He is also an Expert Advisor with Whitewater Transformations a global organisation with an industry leading success rate helping organisations transform.

NEAT Meetings


Standardised Work – Is it the forgotten tool of Lean?


Asahi Maintenance Team Applies 5S

Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardise, Sustain

This year saw the Maintenance team at Asahi Goodna undertake a significant upgrade of their workshop with a renewed focus on productivity through a 5S focus.

Shane Cameron (Maintenance Planner), was the project manager for this upgrade, “There was some resistance at the start, but once the team saw the benefits of the change they soon came on board”. Whilst it wasn’t all plain sailing for the team, Shane said clear expectations and support from Leadership was crucial to the success of this project.  “This project was backed from the top down and was closely aligned with the company’s continuous improvement program. 

The boys at Asahi made the project their own.

The maintenance team needed to meet the 5S and GMP auditing standards, just like the rest of the site”. Shane said that it was important for the team to have as much input as possible into the design and layout of the workshop. “To get them on board, it was important for them to understand that it was their workshop and their plan. I needed to give some clear direction as to what was to be achieved but left it up to them to find the ‘how’”. 

Site Tour | Thales - Lithgow Arms

At the beginning of May,  SIRF members had the opportunity to visit Thales Lithgow Arms and experience their Lean journey to date. This is the third time we have had the pleasure to visit, our first was in 2013.

Theory of Constraints (TOC) - What’s Holding You Back?

I am very passionate about the greater competitiveness of Australian Industry and keen to help so you can better manage any constraints that might be getting in your way!


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