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2020 with SIRF Roundtables

What a year 2020 was globally, down under and for SIRF Roundtables.


Our sincere condolences to the companies who’ve been affected, the people who’ve lost jobs and most of all to those who lost family and friends. 2020 has been a challenging year and we, like everyone else, are hopeful of the prospect of a new normal.

I’d like to thank our SIRF team for their tremendous efforts throughout the year and especially for their flexibility and speed in moving events online. For over 30 years, SIRF has been known for the value of its face to face events and while there were some hiccups adapting to video conferencing platforms, we managed to convert to all events in just 6 weeks. Notably, RCA has been developed as a training program that can be delivered online or in person to an equally high standard. International specialists are also now presenting their content through an online medium allowing for a wider breadth of attendants allowing people in remote locations or with difficult schedules to receive world class training.

The expansion of our online presence has enabled us to introduce new formats for people to interact and learn. Webinars including the fireside chats with specialist presenters among others has been a resounding success this year and we will continue to develop and deliver these new online events in 2021, we will also be increasing the number of events we deliver in person next year to make our courses more accessible and to facilitate the opportunities unique to face to face interaction.


WELCOME to our new members across Australia and NZ, and expanding members into National or Multi-State memberships:

new members 2020-1

Over the year we had...

2290 attendances,

from 1575 different people,

from 457 companies,

across 124 events,

with in excess of 200 online sessions,

from attendees across Australia and NZ

and some attendees and presenters from Canada, USA, India, Netherlands, Papa New Guinea, Poland, UK, Pakistan, South Africa, Argentina, Chili, Peru, Nigeria, Turkey, Dubai, Oman, Bulgaria, Philippines, Egypt, Columbia


Below are just a few of those companies!


A particular highlight missing from this year was our 2020 National Forum, which unfortunately, like many things, was cancelled due to COVID restrictions. But watch this space for more news on 2021!

It has been a fantastic year in what we have been able to bring together to support our membership to be more competitive and continuously improve.

Thank you to all who have been involved to make it the year it was!




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