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2019 National Forum and Site Tours

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Maintenance Maturity and the important role of Predictive maintenance

Nearly 20 years ago Winston Ledet(1999) developed the Maintenance Maturity model. Predictive Maintenance is a key aspect of this model, that is just as relevant all these years later, in mapping out maturity in maintenance to deliver an organisation wide reliability culture that drives competitiveness.

2019 SIRF National Forum - Melbourne 27th/28th August

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Ron Moore - Lifetime Achievement Award!

Delighted to hear Ron Moore has been honoured by Terry OHanlon and, with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the industry. 

The 4 Enemies of Hydraulics

Do you have a good handle on the 4 enemies of Hydraulics ? Hydraulics and hydraulic systems and controls are quite key to many operations. However with their growing complexity and the gradual loss of onsite knowledge many operations are facing a knowledge gap in understanding these systems to adequately maintain, monitor their condition, do fault finding and diagnosis and further improve their reliability.


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