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QLD & NSW Autumn Newsletter 2020

Check out what SIRF Roundtables QLD & NSW have been up to over the past few months!
QLD & NSW Autumn Newsletter

Now that we have put Australia's second-warmest summer on record behind us, it's time to channel the flannel and enjoy the cooler days of Autumn.

As always we have brought in the new year full steam ahead with two new Edge intakes kicking off and various thought provoking CIWG's being held throughout QLD and NSW.

With no signs of slowing down we have a great range of upcoming events to keep you  thinking and to encourage engagement. There is something for everyone; LOTO - Electrical & Mechanical, Good Warehousing Practices, Constraint Management, Tackling SLOBS and many more. 

Significant Growth in RCA & 5YA3 Training


What is Data Analytics?


Congratulations to our Newest Graduates in Victoria!


NEAT Meetings


Standardised Work – Is it the forgotten tool of Lean?


Sustainable 5S in Maintenance; more than just 'Sort-Straighten-Shine-Standardise-Sustain'

So simple but yet so few succeed....especially in a Maintenance environment! 5S has many applications in a maintenance, yet it seems a struggle for many, having tried and failed or not sustaining what has been achieved but also improvements into the future.

Changing Our Approach To People To Build Stronger And Better Workplaces


2019 National Forum and Site Tours

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QLD & NSW Spring Newsletter 2019


NSW & QLD Spring Newsletter

There's no season like Spring, some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.
We have held some fantastic events over the past few months, including our Senior Leader Dinners in Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle, however the main event for the season was of course the annual SIRF National Forum which was held in Melbourne this year.
With such an exciting quarter it will be hard to beat.  Keep your eyes on our calendars to make sure you don't miss out on our upcoming events.

Hannah Watts
Customer Support & Event Manager


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