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SIRF Vic/Tas Newsletter April 2019

A shout out to all our companies that assist with hosting some of our events. Allowing us to come on site is a benefit for so many organisations but your assistance with this is very much appreciated, so thank you!

2019 SIRF National Forum - Melbourne 27th/28th August

SIRF National Forum (2page)

SIRF - Thales Bendigo Site Tour

Sincere thanks to the Thales Bendigo team for their great presentations and site tour hosting at the SIRF Thales Bendigo site tour last Tuesday.

QLD & NSW Autumn Newsletter 2019


 QLD & NSW Autumn Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2019. With one of the hottest and driest Summer’s on record finally coming to an end, I’m sure many of you are welcoming the cooler temperatures of Autumn. You'll see from the stats throughout the newsletter that it was an exciting quarter at SIRF.

We ended the year with a fantastic selection of our best speakers at the Senior Leaders Day and we have kicked the year off with some terrific common interest work groups. A special thank you to Brad Jeavons from Winson Group who enabled our first Continuous Improvement Senior Leaders breakfast in QLD which was such a great success. It will be the first of many so keep your eye out for more of these specialised events in both States.

Hannah Watts
Customer Support & Event Manager

Ron Moore - Lifetime Achievement Award!

Delighted to hear Ron Moore has been honoured by Terry OHanlon and, with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the industry. 

Structured problem solving addresses the cause and culture

"We've questioned whether we would have come up with the same solution option/s we are now recommending prior to doing this RCA course. Reality is, we wouldn't have. We would have just jumped in and spent a lot of money on the symptom". 

This was what one group said as they were presenting their project at the end of a recent 2 day RCA course in Tasmania. Their project outcome was recommending to spend $10k in order to save $400k. Yes, the numbers are correct!

That was just one of the three projects from the greater group, but the proud looks on their faces said it all. Terrific to have 3 Tassie companies involved, building confidence and capability in structured problem solving.

Upcoming public workshops can be found via the links below;

VicTas, SA, WA, NZ, Qld, NSW

The 4 Enemies of Hydraulics

Do you have a good handle on the 4 enemies of Hydraulics ? Hydraulics and hydraulic systems and controls are quite key to many operations. However with their growing complexity and the gradual loss of onsite knowledge many operations are facing a knowledge gap in understanding these systems to adequately maintain, monitor their condition, do fault finding and diagnosis and further improve their reliability.

The best thing about SIRF Roundtables

The beauty of SIRF Roundtables as a B2B best practice networking company is that we are industry confidante's and have remained financially independent for 30 years.

Ron Moore downunder March / April 2019

Global expert Ron Moore downunder March/April 2019

QLD & NSW Summer Newsletter 2018


QLD & NSW Summer Newsletter

Welcome to our final newsletter for 2018. How is it possible that the year has gone so fast!?!  You'll see from the stats throughout the newsletter that it was another big quarter at SIRF. 

There were some incredible masterclasses with some very knowledgeable guest presenters and we also had another visit from Ron Moore who once again wowed his audiences with his tried and proven methods of achieving operational excellence.  A very big thank you to Peter Lyons from Origin Energy for his overview below of their in-house training with Ron.  It's always very satisfying to hear that our facilitation has helped another iconic company in their journey towards operational excellence.

Our offices will be closed for Christmas from 24 December to 4 January (inclusive).  On behalf of our SIRF team, I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and an incredible New Year.  Here's hoping Santa brings you everything you wished for!

Lana May

Business Support Manager


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