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Effective Steps and Training

Last year was a very changing, challenging year for everyone. In a short space of time what industry has incorporated into their roles is the need to be functional from remote as well as face to face. Safety and duty of care has become paramount to work to strict guidelines. The challenge to all organisations is to capture these in a defined manner to make sure nothing slips through; the impact as we have seen in so many cases to companies big or small is massive.

The process steps now must also take into consideration

  1. Social distancing where possible,
  2. Screens where applicable when face to face is necessary,
  3. Floor guidelines, flow
  4. Shift changeover patterns
  5. Clean downs and sanitisation of your workplace (time duration and frequency)
  6. Traceability of personnel
  7. Honesty

I know in WA there is a safety app that I use in all locations that have the QR code at the entrance, e.g., coffee shops, restaurants etc. Another impact was the borders for State travel and the limitations it gave when the borders were closed. Travel was restricted and States realised their need was to keep employees in their State, with all changes necessary principles must be adopted. Those changes needed to be captured and applied in standard operations. E.g., Cleaning procedures, checklists, auditing guidelines, all required to enable leadership standard work to verify and check the adherence to the new plan. We cover these in our session 2 of the leadership program “The Edge”.

To work in parallel, you need the visuals to support and direct the change – Gwendolyn Galsworth fireside chat 4th February 2021

The way people work currently is another requirement, we have Alan Gregory cover a session from Australian Training Management (ATM) they cover numerous courses around these principles, our session is geared to Plant operator training, those necessary skills to make the first step a firm one and to make people of all ages aware and safe at work. With effective training the focus is to educate plant operators to a level their knowledge, understanding and awareness is enhanced thus benefitting all people associated, whether prior or during will increase the safety awareness to competent levels as you eliminate uncertainty and educate skill and competence.

Some questions could be

  1. How are you utilising skill to benefit the organisational goal?
  2. Will the training create the necessary standard you require?
  3. What type of training will educate and build more efficient, effective teams giving safe working practices?

Why – ATM? you can discuss and create a bespoke nationally accredited training course which will raise the safety standards of that specific site. Learn by doing and off site where simulated situations in everyday working role are used and taught in a controlled environment that can bring big benefits in the future with a safety focussed practice.

If you would like to learn more on the topic or inspire, engage or re-engage your teams with effective training come along to hear Alan (MD at ATM) presenting an online masterclass on Tuesday 23rd Feb. Alan has 32 years’ experience in aviation, aerospace, defence and training industries, he has held senior roles covering $20M+ contracts on behalf of clients and foreign government. Alan collaborates with Industry Regulations to maximise client capability.



With all regulations and written procedures, safety has to be incorporated, if you would like to be part of our topic of Safety, we have a roundtable on the 10 March 2021 with 5 – 6 presenters covering topics on Error reduction in the workplace, Psychological Safety and Mental Health.


The online masterclass and online Roundtable will include the opportunity to ask questions plus free form discussion in breakout groups. So, come along to appreciate what good can come from understanding how to effectively train plant operators and the safety challenges of today. Bring along someone you need to appreciate how to get there plus what is needed to support, sustain and take further.


Chris Bush

State Manager for Western Australia



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