Problem Solving & Incident Investigation

SIRF Roundtables has partnered with RCA Rt Pty Ltd, who have been developing the best root cause analysis problem solving methodology and software for over two decades. RCA Rt is trusted by hundreds of organisations and thousands of trainees around the world. SIRF Roundtables offers training in the RCA Rt problem-solving process, which is fully integrated with the RCA2GO, issue management software. The endless scalability of RCA Rt and accessibility of RCA2GO software empowers you and your team to solve and improve together. 

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Root Cause Analysis | 5Whys + A3

The 5WHYS+A3 course teaches participants to use 5WHYS to solve problems and A3 to communicate, share and involve the team in developing better solutions. Students gain skills in looking at the problem clearly, identifying the basic causes, assessing the impact, understanding risk, finding quick win workable solutions and incorporating the changes into the business processes.



Root Cause Analysis | 12 Steps + Cause Tree

Our 12 step + cause tree course is a proven analysis and problem-solving tool that equips your teams with the skills to identify and address the real underlying cause(s) of medium to complex problems.  Participants will leave this course with a sound understanding of the benefits of a problem-solving culture and how to effectively drive an investigation.



RCA2GO Products & Software

RCA2GO allows you to analyse the most complex issues and build structured cause trees effortlessly. The software is packed with features that can be accessed all with a single click or tap. 

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These include:

  • Invite team members
  • Easily add and manage actions and solutions
  • Create powerful reports
  • Prioritise issues based on risk levels
  • Follow proven structured problem solving steps
  • Escalate issues when you need delve deeper








“We use RCA Rt all the time as a tool for continuously improving the way we do things. We find it is successful because it is a system that engages all the stakeholders to solve the problems. It helps people ensure that actions are taken to prevent reoccurrence of problems that impact on safety and company profitability.”


“RCA2GO provides MMG with a structured approach to investigating losses, with the ability to share learnings across the organisation
"I found the course was very well presented. When I was first told by my employer that I was to attend the course I was thinking what a waste of time it would be for me. How wrong was I? The time on the second day seemed to
go so fast. You are just getting your teeth into the heart of the problem and have to present your findings to the class.
Well done to all involved and I will recommend the course in the future."