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Major Hazard Facility Maintenance and Management

Major hazard facilities (MHFs) are industrial sites that store, handle or process large quantities of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods, including petroleum products. This Common Interest Work Group creates the opportunity for those maintaining and managing Major Facilities to come together to discuss, learn and share on various aspects around these.

 Hosted virtually by Nufarm 12th May:


Nufarm as a major industrial site and as a major hazard facility, put a lot of effort into maintaining and managing their facility. They are kindly hosting this online workshop and will share on their experience and insights. They will share their learnings with  going through their safety case as a MHF and what they are doing to manage and maintain their facility. Come along and join your peers where each company can present what they are doing to maintain, manage and comply with their MHF rating and what this means to business. This will be a great opportunity to see what others have done in this area and to protect their facility and rating on what they do with regards maintaining and managing their major hazard facility, creating a great opportunity to share and learn from others attending.

Note, as a virtual Common Interest Work Group, there are only very limited spots available for this workshop, so book early to secure spots !



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