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People Development & People Management Masterclass with Daryl Davis

Our sincere thanks to Daryl Davis , General Manager of Ductmakers for his excellent Masterclass on People Development and People Management  for SIRF this Tuesday

Senior Leader Event | Design Thinking with Seamus Power - LP Partners

Topic: Critical future skill to drive innovation and customer connection and responsiveness

Seamus Power has 30+ years’ senior leadership experience as a CEO, General Manager successfully leading over 25 facility/organisation transformations in Australia, Europe and across Asia. Seamus is a recognised expert in Business Transformation, Design Thinking and Lean 6Sigma.  He is a founding partner of LP Partners, a consultancy which is focused on helping organisations  lift performance to world class levels of operational excellence and innovation.   He is also an Expert Advisor with Whitewater Transformations a global organisation with an industry leading success rate helping organisations transform.

The fear of Presentations

In our working life, there will be a time when you take steps to climb the ladder of success ourselves where presentations will be a necessity in your day to day, even interviews for jobs can have a presentation included. It is something people struggle with and sometimes don’t come to terms either, but it is part of our working requirement if we desire that promotion, even Schools have this as part of their curriculum which is fantastic. How you deliver it will deem whether it is accepted or forgotten, using key points and techniques will help to make that transition beneficial.

Effective Meeting Action Follow-Up

At a recent SIRF The Edge Leadership course session on teamwork, the question came up:

Congratulations to our Newest Graduates in Victoria!


Frontline Leadership – a critical coachable skill

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Ron Moore - Lifetime Achievement Award!

Delighted to hear Ron Moore has been honoured by Terry OHanlon and, with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the industry. 

Unleashing a Great Power !

Unleashing a Great Power !

Problem Finders - Problem Fixers

As a leader you are limiting the capability of your organisation if you do not have a good ratio of problem finders and problem fixers.

What does that mean?

A lot of organisations talk the talk but few walk the walk when tapping into the employee capability within their businesses.

It starts with leadership. If leaders are solving all the problems and not proactively developing the problem-solving capabilities of their workforce then they are capping the organisations capability to improve by the amount of problems they themselves can solve.

If you are not measuring IDK’s implemented, then how do you know you are engaging the workforce? IDK stands for individual daily kaizen. Implemented means completed not just an idea. Implemented improves the business, ideas do not as they are just ideas.

"Kaizen Mindset" should be part of your business language.

If people in your business cannot construct a strong 5 Why with a good causal relationship then I challenge you to whether they have the skills to think through a problem effectively and not just use prior experiences or intuition.

As a leader if you cannot create an effective 5 Why or Cause Tree then how would you be able to coach and mentor your teams?

If you have these skills and are using them to develop your teams then you are doing fantastically well.

If you don’t, then develop a “Kaizen Mindset” and start. None of us are perfect so let’s keep moving forward with our knowledge and leadership capabilities.

The Maintenance Manager's Toolbox

The Maintenance Manager's role is a crucial one for most operations. The buck tends to stop with the Maintenance manager to not only maintain a company's assets, but as the key custodian for safety and quality aspects and ensuring the reliability of plant and equipment. This usually involves a juggling act between balancing a budget, satisfying multiple stakeholders and dealing with people and plant issues.


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