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Upcoming Problem Solving & Incident Investigation workshops

Upcoming Problem Solving & Incident Investigation courses across Aus/NZ: 

Do you have Workers or Problem Solvers?

Do you have Workers or Problem Solvers ?

How to replicate Toyota’s Problem Solving Capability for your Organisation

Successful organisational problem solving is difficult, but I believe that great lessons can be learnt from re-examining how Toyota turns it's workers into problem solvers, and what this could mean for your organisation.

RT Advantage | What is it and how is it changing?

What is RT Advantage?

We offer public workshops across our range and tailored in-house packages for organisations that have specific needs or training objectives in mind, we also pride ourselves in our trainers who are experienced in delivery and have significant industry background to enable them to relate to their audiences.

Being a member of a SIRF Roundtable also brings you the opportunity of gaining some great discounts and special deals, as well as a range of programs not always available to the public.

Our three main Rt Advantage workshops are RCARt (Advanced and Intermediate Root Cause Analysis training), LEAN Training and International Specialist Workshops. 


As a result of Covid 19 all face to face RT Advantage training came to a grinding halt in March. Forced change is never popular and we certainly had to quickly reconsider our immediate training options and what the future of training would be.

We quickly had to work at converting our problem-solving training (RCA & 5YA3) courses to an online format, and we have just successfully commenced the third online training course. 

The response to the changes, including embedding the RCA2Go software in the training with a year’s free access, has been quite amazing. Thank you to our member companies for continuing to support us through this transition. Companies with multiple regional sites have already expressed how the online format has been a huge improvement for them. Being able to share the software and work with others on the same RCA in the software real time is fantastic.

When the border closures were announced we unfortunately had our International Speaker Ron Moore here from America. He had to fly home before completing his Operational Excellence training on Reliability Leadership, however he has worked hard to convert his training to online format and we have successfully completed 1 public workshop and 1 in-house with one of our members companies. We thank Ron for all his hard work, and all attendees for their patience whilst we did this. 

We also successfully converted Joel Levitt’s Planning & Scheduling course to multiple short sessions online, with more fantastic feedback! Thank you Joel!

As we begin to see light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, the future is quite clear to me and it is not back to normal. We have embraced the changes and not only are the benefits of having people from across Aus/NZ in the same course significant, nut it has opened many doors for those on remote sites, and we plan to have a mixture of face to face & virtual courses going forward. 


Significant Growth in RCA & 5YA3 Training


Structured problem solving addresses the cause and culture

"We've questioned whether we would have come up with the same solution option/s we are now recommending prior to doing this RCA course. Reality is, we wouldn't have. We would have just jumped in and spent a lot of money on the symptom". 

This was what one group said as they were presenting their project at the end of a recent 2 day RCA course in Tasmania. Their project outcome was recommending to spend $10k in order to save $400k. Yes, the numbers are correct!

That was just one of the three projects from the greater group, but the proud looks on their faces said it all. Terrific to have 3 Tassie companies involved, building confidence and capability in structured problem solving.

Upcoming public workshops can be found via the links below;

VicTas, SA, WA, NZ, Qld, NSW

Unleashing a Great Power !

Unleashing a Great Power !

Problem Finders - Problem Fixers

As a leader you are limiting the capability of your organisation if you do not have a good ratio of problem finders and problem fixers.

What does that mean?

A lot of organisations talk the talk but few walk the walk when tapping into the employee capability within their businesses.

It starts with leadership. If leaders are solving all the problems and not proactively developing the problem-solving capabilities of their workforce then they are capping the organisations capability to improve by the amount of problems they themselves can solve.

If you are not measuring IDK’s implemented, then how do you know you are engaging the workforce? IDK stands for individual daily kaizen. Implemented means completed not just an idea. Implemented improves the business, ideas do not as they are just ideas.

"Kaizen Mindset" should be part of your business language.

If people in your business cannot construct a strong 5 Why with a good causal relationship then I challenge you to whether they have the skills to think through a problem effectively and not just use prior experiences or intuition.

As a leader if you cannot create an effective 5 Why or Cause Tree then how would you be able to coach and mentor your teams?

If you have these skills and are using them to develop your teams then you are doing fantastically well.

If you don’t, then develop a “Kaizen Mindset” and start. None of us are perfect so let’s keep moving forward with our knowledge and leadership capabilities.


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