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SIRF Effective Change Management Workshop

27 people attended from  6 States in Australian and 17 companies including BlueScope steel , Bulla Dairy Foods,Ixom Loy Yang B Ops & Maintenance, Melbourne Water, Nufarm , Nyrstar, Orica, Tomago Aluminium, Tronox, CCEP, Delta Electricity, ISC , Rheem Australia ,and Viatris ,

Unleashing a Great Power !

Unleashing a Great Power !

Exciting Times at Woolworths!

October saw some great events happening across the Roundtable in Queensland. Included in the "must do" list was our Supply Chain Working Group at the Woolworths' Brisbane Distribution Centre, Larapinta.

Site Tour | Thales - Lithgow Arms

At the beginning of May,  SIRF members had the opportunity to visit Thales Lithgow Arms and experience their Lean journey to date. This is the third time we have had the pleasure to visit, our first was in 2013.

Traits of a “Change Leader”

With so many companies looking to a make change in their culture, or general business aspects; we look to our leadership to drive that change. But not all leaders are prepared, nor have the skills to drive continuous and sustainable change. What traits should you look for in a change Leader?


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