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Operational Excellence

OERt's primary focus is on developing and implementing best practice safely, with a high quality, high speed delivery at low cost.

Member companies achieve this goal by learning how to create an organisational and leadership culture that sustains continuous improvement. Members also learn how to quantify and sell the business benefits of operational excellence to all stakeholders.

The OERt provides members with the opportunity to compare best practice to improve operations at all levels.  This is achieved through a wide range of activities including local and international networking, Roundtable meetings, Common Interest Work Groups, national Forums, Benchmarking and training workshops.

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Who are OERt Members?

OERt members are concerned with continuous improvement and typically involve the following personnel:


  • Senior and middle-level Managers
  • Production Managers, Engineers, and Supervisors
  • Continuous Improvement Managers 
  • Health and Safety Specialists
  • Quality Specialists

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OERt Focus


  • Leadership
  • LEAN principles
  • Systems
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Process flow
  • Quality management
  • HSE

OERt Topic Examples


  • Lean waste elimination
  • Transforming your safety culture
  • Employee recruitment and retention 
  • Supplier sharing and collaboration
  • Succession planning
  • Quality control and management
  • Process mapping
  • Real-time measures