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Elevate Your Electrical Machines Expertise

Registration is now open for our upcoming Electrical Machines Workshops, featuring the renowned Electrical Rotating Machines Specialist, Mike Davis and his ground breaking approach.

SIRF Inventory Management from a LEAN perspective - Dave Harnett from Continuous Wave

Thanks to all for attending the online SIRF OERt Masterclass | Inventory Management from a LEAN perspective on Tuesday 28th March 2023.

18 Criteria for a Lean Layout -Part One

Above: AGV's can help with Criteria 9!

It’s been a while since I last wrote about one of my passions, Lean Layout Design. Previously I’ve written about Four Levels of Workplace Design and Eight Principles of Lean Layout, and at the end of the Lean Layout piece I teased two more articles explaining the 18 Criteria for a Lean Layout. Well, I’ve finally taken the time to put my thoughts together, and this is part one, the “front nine” of those 18 criteria. But first, a quick review:

Supply Chain Transformation

How does your Supply Chain stack up?

The Maintenance Manager's Toolbox

The Maintenance Manager's role is a crucial one for most operations. The buck tends to stop with the Maintenance manager to not only maintain a company's assets, but as the key custodian for safety and quality aspects and ensuring the reliability of plant and equipment. This usually involves a juggling act between balancing a budget, satisfying multiple stakeholders and dealing with people and plant issues.


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