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Tom Spiranac

Exciting Times at Woolworths!

October saw some great events happening across the Roundtable in Queensland. Included in the "must do" list was our Supply Chain Working Group at the Woolworths' Brisbane Distribution Centre, Larapinta.

Asahi Maintenance Team Applies 5S

Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardise, Sustain

This year saw the Maintenance team at Asahi Goodna undertake a significant upgrade of their workshop with a renewed focus on productivity through a 5S focus.

Shane Cameron (Maintenance Planner), was the project manager for this upgrade, “There was some resistance at the start, but once the team saw the benefits of the change they soon came on board”. Whilst it wasn’t all plain sailing for the team, Shane said clear expectations and support from Leadership was crucial to the success of this project.  “This project was backed from the top down and was closely aligned with the company’s continuous improvement program. 

The boys at Asahi made the project their own.

The maintenance team needed to meet the 5S and GMP auditing standards, just like the rest of the site”. Shane said that it was important for the team to have as much input as possible into the design and layout of the workshop. “To get them on board, it was important for them to understand that it was their workshop and their plan. I needed to give some clear direction as to what was to be achieved but left it up to them to find the ‘how’”. 


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