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Theory of Constraints (TOC) - What’s Holding You Back?

I am very passionate about the greater competitiveness of Australian Industry and keen to help so you can better manage any constraints that might be getting in your way!

In my interactions with industry, I’ve come across companies and practitioners well engaged in use of Theory of Constraints (TOC) and getting good gains, but also at times I think it seems such a shame such a powerful and broadly applicable tool isn’t being more used to good effect! 

I myself feel fortunate enough to have been trained in its use very early in my time in industry. Something I have been able to universally apply in a few different industries, in quite different areas to great result, for example,


  • Food industry - Double Plant capacity from existing foot print
  • Dairy industry – key milk lines 20% points OEE improvement
  • Beverage Industry – High speed bottling lines 10% points OEE improvement
  • Food industry – Bottling, canning and aseptic lines 10-25% points OEE improvements
  • Food industry – 50% improvement in cook times/process times, changeovers and yields
  • Medical Healthcare – New product introduction process, improved lead-time from 3 months to 2 weeks.

As an improvement methodology, it seems to fit well with Lean six sigma cultures regardless of maturity or implementation. What helps I think is its fact and data based – ie. its hard to argue with the data ! and that it also can be quite revelatory in prioritising and targeting improvement activities. Not being resource hungry and fitting in well with the approach of making best of what have before replacing with new, means it can be quite swift in identifying improvement opportunities but also delivering results that are quite visible.

So who else is out there utilising the methodology? are there people quietly getting on with it? what sort of things are you utilising it on? For those not using, what is holding you back? 

Is it training? SIRF supports industry with workshops run by Lewis Trigger, Lewis teaches the methodology in his frame work and approach of Constraint management. While splitting his time across Israel and Australia, over the last 16 years Lewis has shared his expertise through his workshops to many leading Australian organisations across industry sectors such as mining and resource, Packaging, food, dairy and beverage, defence, health, retail and government (Federal, State and Local).

I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop of Lewis, which was great for me to brush up my knowledge but also take it further with his approach of constraint management. He not only taught the theory but it was also great to see companies bring along real problems to work on e.g. maintenance processes, commercialisation and throughput of a process and packing operations.

Lewis is regularly back again in Australia, so do please get in touch if this can be of help,

I am greatly confident TOC can provide the competitive advantage Australian industry needs, and would be only too happy if it helps you better manage the constraints holding things back! 



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