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14th March  - Ductmakers Site Tour -  plus What Makes a Great LEAN Leader presentation and workshop

Our sincere thanks to Daryl Davis, Ductmakers’ GM and his team, Michael, Danny , Adrian ,An Ho for hosting this SIRF Ductmakers site tour.

Special thanks to Daryl for his passionate and enlightening presentation, sharing his experience , knowledge and valuable thoughts on ‘What makes a great LEAN leader’.

He has kindly shared his presentation that is available to SIRF member companies .

Ductmakers Site Tour

We had a chance to briefly network with others in attendance.

Daryl then presented on ‘What makes a great LEAN leader’ with a chance for Q&A.

We split into 3 smaller groups  for a hosted  Ductmakers site tour to see their Continuous Improvement processes firsthand and then had a chance to debrief the key take aways.

Ductmakers Attending companies


26 people from 14 companies in attended 

..and came with the following AIMS :


  • Learn from others implementing C.I.
  • Look at how they manage tiered meetings as we are implementing these
  • Insights into Best Practices as have heard good things about Ductmakers
  • Visual Management examples
  • See a more mature site on their C.I. journey
  • Business Planning Deployment – Hoshin Kanri
  • How to engage the whole workforce
  • Get refreshed and re-energised
  • 5S implantation and sustain tips


And left with the following Key Take Aways:


  • Importance of effective Strategy Deployment
  • People #1 – not C.I. tools
  • People – Communication Transparency
  • Culture established and lead – People helping people fix problems together
  • Calm , organised , engaged workplace
  • No scrap on the floor – well managed
  • Attitude for mistakes – rewarded for bring up
  • Clean – Teamwork – Flow
  • Simplify
  • All  levels supporting 5S on shop floor – every Fri 10:00 am – all in to clean designated equipment and areas
  • Above and Below the line 
    ( Above : Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility      vs      Below : Blame , Excuses, Denial )
  • Visual Management excellence
  • S.O.P. visual and where need
  • Create the environment for improvement – war room. Time , resources
  • Quality – do not accept, make or pass on Quality defects – QR QC
  • C.I. deployment not to a standard recipe – Go See, Talk , What are problems for the people ? Fix these first
  • Great to see how things are manufactured – ducting very labor intensive

Contact your SIRF State manager if you want a copy of Daryl's presentation



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