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Significant Growth in RCA & 5YA3 Training


It’s a busy time for RCA & 5YA3 early in 2020 and looks like it’s about to get busier! We are quoting on and delivering more problem solving training in the first half of 2020 than we did in the first 2 years total.

Late last week I responded to an email I received regarding a short session on RCA for senior leaders in a business. I still haven’t met the person I have been dealing with but after following up by phone & tailored proposed delivery I received this as part of their latest reply. It genuinely meant a lot to me and I know our whole team strives to deliver genuine customer service & a great experience.

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The week prior, at the Feb 2020 5YA3 1 day & RCA 2 day courses in Melb, these were some of the comments on what people were hoping to get out of the training when they were introducing themselves.

"I'm here to evaluate the course as we're looking at having you run this on site for us"

"We've had positive feedback about this course from previous attendees in our team. Half of our management team are here for this course to understand it so we can convince senior management to put more people through it. Not sure yet if that will be on site, or sending more to public courses"

"I'm charged with setting up our tiered problem solving system at work. We'll be implementing this RCA course, the 1 day 5YA3 course including the software so I'm here to understand it so I can coach it"

"We're looking for a problem solving process to roll out across the site so I'm here to evaluate this course to see if it is suitable for our workplace and team"




It wasn’t always like this.....

Quality RCA training has been a fundamental part of the SIRF offerings for 20+ years since organisation problem solving capability is so vital to any organisation’s success. I value this so highly in the SIRF regions that I lead that I have taken direct ownership of providing the RCA training since taking over the business. Now having delivered problem solving training many, many times, in most industry sectors, we have multiple trainers delivering to an ever higher standard and always on the lookout for how we can improve it further. I’m immensely proud of developing the course, training standard, delivery method, learning & business benefit outcomes to where they are today and look forward to finding new ways to enhance these offerings to deliver the best we can for our valued members.

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Best wishes,

Jeff Naylor





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