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8th March - SIRF Asset Management - Measures that support business objectives and attract investment in Maintenance and Reliability

Thank you all who attended the SIRF IMRt Masterclass - Asset Management - Measures that support business objectives and attract investment in Maintenance and Reliability event last week.

Our thanks to Ian Gordon of Flagstaff for his presentation.


Asset Management

There was a lot of discussion and questions and networking via breakout rooms.

We had 22 people from 15 companies across Australia and New Zealand.

People came with the following AIMS:


  • Interested to hear of how other companies are building asset management programs and ability to share CSL journey.
  • Learn about the best practices in asset management
  • Learn best practices on how to measure asset management and reliability of equipment
  • To know about Industry practice in terms of Asset Management
  • Better understanding of other company's asset management journey.
  • Still new to the reliability/maintenance space so just wanting to get as much information from others who are experienced
  • Ways to support business for reliability.
  • See what other industries are doing for asset management programs
  • Looking to get some guidance / develop a business case to get buy-in from the senior leadership team in terms of investing / implementing in asset management programs for the asset.
  • Looking to identify alternative pathways for asset & reliability management.
  • I am conceptualizing asset management for our upcoming refinery and would like to learn a few tips to support that journey.
  • Looking to find out more about other business practices with regard to Asset management and Maintenance


And left with the following TAKE AWAYS:


  • Hi Ian, a great presentation. If you were to set up a new asset management system what would be your key themes?
  • It's a great topic that always requires cleansing and reminding. How do you all continue to motivate operators / maintainers to input correct valuable feedback on a WO?
  • Great topic and presentation       
  • Thank you very much everyone for a thoughtful discussion and a great presentation. 
  • key takeaway - Implement PM health measures (PM effectiveness)
  • Review OEE as we have designed.
  • Good to hear strategies used by other companies and where they are looking to improve.
  • Good methodology to quantitatively assess non-direct contributors (managements input /decision) to asset improvement and management effectiveness.
  • Criteria to justify maintenance and associated costs
  • Using visual reports to communicate outcomes from people's participation in preceding data capture / investigations to support future engagement.
  • A different way of framing losses and determining OEE

If you want a copy of the presentations share contact your SIRF manager



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