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SIRF Future of Maintenance - Beyond Software & Sensors with Minset

Thanks to all for attending the SIRF IMRt CIWG | Future of Maintenance event  

23-03-21 Future of Maintenance Summary banner

Our sincere thanks to Andrew (Herb) Attrill from Minset for sharing his experience, insights and knowledge to debunk Maintenance 4.0 showing what’s required for maintenance professionals to set up themselves, their functions and organisations for tackling digital transformation.

Please contact your SIRF State manager if you would like a copy of  Andrew’s presentation

Attendees expressed the following AIMS from this session:


  • A greater understanding of how maintenance will change in the future
  • Understand what the future of maintenance is
  • Ideas to gather, collate and better use data for allow management and reliability of assets.


Attendees were able to interactively respond and indicate their own business’ position in its Maintenance 4.0 journey as shown below:

 Maintenance Maturity


Maintenance 4.0 Journey Group response

            2.0 - Planned - Marine Services

            2.5 - Planned (moving to Predictive) - Steel Manufacturer

            2.5 - Planned (moving to Predictive) - Science and Technology body

            2-3 - Predictive moving towards 4 Reliable - Lithium Miner

            1.0 - Reactive 95%. Dipping to moving into 2 Planned - NSW (Utilities)

            3.0 - Predictive - Transportation (pallets)

            2.5 - Planned (moving to Predictive) - Chemical Treatment & Distribution

            2.0 - Planned - Port Operator

            2-3 - Planned moving towards Predictive - Steel Manufacturer

            2.0 - Planned - Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

            2-3 - Planned moving towards Predictive - Electrical Utilities Provider

            3.0 - Predictive - Water Utilities Provider


Comments & Takeaways:

 During an enthusiastic group discussion, our presenter’s thoughts were challenged (and refined) by members’ contributions and resulted in the following comments/takeaways:


  • Thanks Andrew - very informative presentation on the future of maintenance with a great example of automation for the conveyor idler process.
  • Great presentation
  • Digitalisation is path for success - Thanks Andrew, everyone
  • We actually moved away from SAP and now use MEX.  Our technicians also utilize tablets during pm's and breakdowns to record data and add photos.
  • Great to hear people’s journey and success and benchmark where our team is performing.
  • Also enjoyed the automatic conveyor spindler video and will look into this further.
  • Was interesting that the industry experiencing the same skills shortages.
  • We are also working hard at systemising knowledge management.
  • Great presentation.  It would be good to see some success stories about what worked.




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