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2019 National Forum and Site Tours

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2019 National Forum - Melbourne
Operational Excellence | Reliability & Maintenance | Supply Chain

It was exciting to have our 2019 SIRF National Forum in Melbourne this year, at Bayview Eden, with 170 people attending from across Australia/NZ, USA and Israel. The event was more a celebration of the SIRF network so thank you to the whole SIRF team who made the event run like clockwork. To everyone who presented, exhibited & attended, thank you for being part of a fantastic couple of days.

We were delighted to have keynote presentations from Nicholas Curtis (Global head of LEAN for Vistaprint), Tasha Broomhall (Mental Health & Wellbeing) and Steve Simpson (Corporate Culture Change – UGR’s Unwritten Ground Rules). All outstanding presenters in their own right who did a magnificent job, thank you everyone! However, the biggest decision would be who we would get to open up the forum for us. We really wanted to ensure attendees were set up for success with strategies about how to capture the most key takeaways possible.......
Enter Lynne Cazaly and her ‘Cognitive Load Coping’ keynote presentation. She was awesome and this keynote presentation fitted perfectly with the brief, thank you Lynne!

To our trusted exhibitors, a huge thank you for agreeing to be part of our 2019 National Forum for without your support these events would likely not happen, we would love to see you again next year!

To the thirty five people who put themselves out there to present at our National Forum this year, you absolutely did yourselves proud, with feedback scores revealing an average ‘subject expertise’ of 9.2 out of 10 and average ‘value of content presented’ 9.0 out of 10. Outstanding!
Here is a link to what presenters said about the forum post event.

To Ductmakers, Nissan Castings and Davey Water, thank you for backing up the forum with site tours the day after. Fantastic to have these tours available at such great sites.

So there you have it, another great SIRF Roundtables forum is done and it’s time to pass the baton over to Gary Silversides and his team for 2020. To potential keynotes, presenters and exhibitors; let Gary know with an expression of interest.

Thank you everyone involved in this event.

Kind regards,
Jeff Naylor


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In case you missed it........


27th - 28th August SIRF's 2019 National Forum

For those who missed out on our event of the year, here is a recap...

Four inspirational keynote speakers plus over 30 engaging presenters sharing a wealth of knowledge across the three streams of Operational Excellence, Reliability and Maintenance, and Supply Chain. We also had the pleasure of talented exhibitors showcasing their products and skills. The 2019 SIRF National Forum was a successful, exciting two days, with networking and learning opportunities at every moment. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive, we thank everyone involved. We are already looking forward to next years!

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29th August - Ductmakers site tour - part of SIRF National Forum 2019

Our sincere thanks to Daryl Davis , Michael Jackson , Danny Lee and the team from Ductmakers for their excellent hosting of the SIRF - Ductmakers Site Tour on Thursday as part of the SIRF National Forum. We had 18 people in attendance from 8 organisations including Casella Family Brands, Catalent, Devro, Ego Pharmaceuticals, Palletmasters, Schneider Electric, Viridian Glass, VIP Packaging.

Daryl Davis presented at the SIRF National Forum on the Ductmakers C.I. journey under his leadership with an emphasis on the “How” of Performance Improvement.


The Ductmakers site tour was a chance to see firsthand the excellent way Ductmakers develop challenge and grow their people and the excellent processes used to drive performance.


29th August - Davey Water site tour - part of SIRF National Forum 2019

Our sincere thanks to Andrew McDonald and the team from Davey Water and also Matt Maffrici from TeamAssurance for their excellent hosting of the SIRF - Davey Water Site Tour on Thursday as part of the SIRF National Forum. We had 14 people in attendance from 6 organisations including Casella Family Brands, Devro, Mylan, Palletmasters, Schneider Electric, Viridian Glass, VIP Packaging.


The aim of the morning was to see firsthand the excellent use that Davey Water have made of the TeamAssurance system to engage the teams and the help chain in rapidly responding to issues, meeting business and individual goals and generating improvement ideas and manage actions to rapidly implement.

We were able to observe the Davey Water morning stand up meeting and the TeamAssurance system in use. We also visited the Davey Water Superline line to see how the shopfloor interact with the system use from a Team Leader and operator perspective.

From the list of good feedback, it was clear that the Davey Water visit was of value to all who attended.



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