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SIRF IMRt Masterclass | Root Cause Analysis (RCA) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) - 3rd May 2023


We had 43 people from 24 companies from across Australia attend the event.

Our thanks to Bill Holmes for his presentation on the process of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) when doing Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

Bill reviewed RCA and then demonstrated how AI via Chat GPT and RCA2GO is applied to the investigation process. Bill’s presentation is attached.

There was a lot of discussion and questions and networking via breakout rooms.

They came with the following Aims:

  • Interested to learn AI application in RCA process.
  • role of Ai within RCA
  • How RCA AI link
  • Understanding the application of current AI tech to RCA and accuracy of results
  • AI in RCA, can it work for us.
  • Curious about the use of AI in RCA
  • How AI involves in RCA?
  • Formal root cause analysis training
  • Understand what AI apps are out there and how they'll feed into the RCAs
  • How AI can assist with the RCA process
  • Understand AI more
  • AI in relation condition monitoring and how we RCA that
  • Available AI  opportunities for RCA
  • Along with AI, does this include ML (Machine Learning)
  • Want to see if there is a way of automating the investigation to keep it on track during RCA meetings
  • To get a better understanding of AI\
  • How does AI fit into the RCA process?
  • Interested to see where AI RCA has been successfully implemented
  • To understand AI and RCA link
  • How AI will affect my role as a Reliability Engineer.
  • Understanding what AI systems are around for RCA, how it fits in and how you engage a team in this process
  • See how this can help filling the gaps and how it makes RCA's more efficient/effective/quicker
  • understanding faults and how to avoid future problems
  • Identify how AI has been in cooperated into RCA
  • How to determine the correct requisite inputs to derive an accurate output from AI
  • "How AI will affect..." the role of Quality Assurance
  • to get a glimpse of tools that can help us to work smarter


And they had the follow comment and questions in the chat:

  • Do you know if we will get a copy of Bill's presentation ?
  • Hi Bill, which electronic program are you using for your RCAs as shown throughout
  • Hi Matthew, Bill can elaborate but the software is RCA2GO which is the software we provide with our RCA 12 Steps Training.
  • Bill , how did you build your Chat GPT skill ? trial and learn , course , other ?
  • Is RCA 2Go not embedded in our SIRF membership offering?
  • how do we fact check the ChatGPT output in RCA2GO, does it include all the references it pulled from ?
  • Yes, ChatGPT can include all references as long as you ask that information to be included in the prompt.
  • one limitation and it’s probably in the web based application is how secure is the prompt input?
  • Replying to "one limitation and..." how do you know what you put out into the prompt isn’t retained by the AI?
  • Are there any safeguards to prevent Chat GPT (or any AI platform) from consuming its own information which people have uploaded to the web & assuming a confirmation bias over time?
  • can chatgpt be prompted down to specialised machine models and equipment
  • is it available of now on RCA2GO, or future update with different RCA2Go packages/price?


And left with the following takeaways:

  • Great event Angus! Right up there!  Need to jump off now. Cheers.
  • Great discussion. Apologies to leave now.
  • Thanks Guys. Apologies to leave now.
  • Thanks Team
  • Thank you so much have enlightened me.. Have to leave for a 10am meeting ... thank you everyone
  • Apologies, I need to drop off. Was great to see what part AI can play in the RCA process. Thanks
  • Thanks for the discussion today. Very insightful. I also need to drop off.
  • Identified a valuable tool that will help to research information .
  • Good working application of ChatGPT and how it may integrate - esp wrt to Prompt Engineering.
  • Takeaway: How detailed prompts for ChatGPT can actually be - it is not simply a question and answer tool.
  • How the query can be structured to obtain a more accurate answer and in the right context.
  • Ability to obtain a lot of information to enable better RCA's
  • Not to forget actual meaning of Chat GPT!!
  • Prompt Engineering was new language.
  • The prompt engineering tips were valuable, it was very interesting
  • the usefulness of AI appears almost without limit, but for the moment people are needed to assure the quality of the outcome
  • good session, and good to know that we can take advantage of this new technology. Got to go.
  • AI technology in root cause analysis is the future of problem-solving faster that's my take way. Thanks Bill
  • AI has huge opportunities & ramifications for all industries, it's uses for Asset Management & Reliability (or any industry & discipline) are mind blowing. I particularly like Bill's wave analogy - get on & ride.
  • The importance of using prompts, and clearing previous prompts, when using Chat GP AI


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