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The Maintenance Manager's Toolbox

The Maintenance Manager's role is a crucial one for most operations. The buck tends to stop with the Maintenance manager to not only maintain a company's assets, but as the key custodian for safety and quality aspects and ensuring the reliability of plant and equipment. This usually involves a juggling act between balancing a budget, satisfying multiple stakeholders and dealing with people and plant issues.

So with one eye on the current to maintain and one eye looking to the future to deliver improvements, what are some of the things a Maintenance manager can grab out of their tool box to put to their advantage in delivering strong value and benefit to a business?

As the culmination of the key roles in Maintenance series SIRF has been running this year, this round table (1 day conference) was about the things a Maintenance manager can grab out of their tool box to put to their advantage in delivering strong value and benefit to a business.

Our thanks to our presenters in Peter Horsburgh, Travis Soutter, Graeme Arendtsz, Mike Hoiles, Andrew Schweitzer and Lindsay Cameron that so generously shared their insights, knowledge and expertise also thanks to all who attended and actively participated in the day to make it what it was.

We had 39 people attend from 24 companies,

A important part of the day was the presentations on what are key aspects to support a Maintenance manager and presenting we had,

  1. Peter Horsburgh from Reliability Extranet, Author of The 5 Key habits of the Reliability Engineer, outlined the key aspects a reliability engineer can support a maintenance manager on and the key habits needed to deliver
  2. Travis Soutter from Asaleo Care presented on Asaleo Care's Asset Care strategy including the people aspects and key role of the maintenance manage
  3. Graeme Arendtsz from CSR Viridian present on his insights on leadership and how it can support and drive strategy to engage and empower the team
  4. Mike Hoiles from Liberty Onesteel present on the key Metrics and KPIs used to support the Maintenance manager
  5. Andrew Schweitzer from BlueScope Steel on optimisation of Maintenance systems and strategies
  6. Lindsay Cameron from Australian Paper on systems and technologies to support the maintenance manager

Our presenters have been most kind to share their presentations made and these have been uploaded to the SIRF library for access to all SIRF members. All presentations made can be accessed via the link below and using the Tag search of “Maintenance Manager” . If there are any difficulties in accessing do please get in touch.

SIRF's Resource Library

After lunch the group broke up into 6 smaller groups for Roundtable discussions on the topics of
1. Leadership
2. Strategy
3. People and Roles
4. Optimising Systems and strategies
5. Systems and technology
6. KPI’ and Metrics

If you would like a full wrap up from the day including learnings and take-aways, please do get in touch.

Roundtable meetings as one day conferences are a key member advantage, with SIRF member companies being able to attend at no cost and a great opportunity to share knowledge and expertise and learn of other leaders in Industry. Our Industrial Maintenance Roundtables across the Victoria and Tasmania are already set for next year, in the 3 important topics of Safety Compliance, Pioneering Maintenance Technologies and Automation. If you would like to be involved, please do get in touch.



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