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Supply Chain Transformation

How does your Supply Chain stack up?

From an end to end point of view, do you have clear visibility?

Do you understand the links and dependencies that can effect and influence the whole?

Are you measuring the right indicators and so resourcing the identified constraints and bottlenecks?

Is what you’re measuring truly reflective of what you need to know?

Without a systems/holistic approach to supply chain management you will be unaware of competing sectors, vital links and interactions that will prevent an efficient and effective process.

Last week we heard from Ron Hurley; Director Supply Chain Pernod- Ricard Pacific, on how to lead an end to end supply chain transformation. Ron walked us through an extensive process that questioned, challenged and rebuilt existing paradigms and norms through exploring performance management, financial transparency innovation, leadership approach, focused reporting and governance, partner collaboration / 3rd party management.

The result was a truly transformed supply chain from end to end.

A thought provoking study!



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