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SIRF IMRt Roundtable | Improving Energy Productivity

March 23rd, We have had an informative Industrial Maintenance (IMRt) event on Improving Energy Productivity.

SIRF Update - Sep 2021!

Welcome to our September 2021 Newsletter. A lot has happened at SIRF Roundtables in a month.

Do you have Workers or Problem Solvers?

Do you have Workers or Problem Solvers ?

18 Criteria for a Lean Layout -Part One

Above: AGV's can help with Criteria 9!

It’s been a while since I last wrote about one of my passions, Lean Layout Design. Previously I’ve written about Four Levels of Workplace Design and Eight Principles of Lean Layout, and at the end of the Lean Layout piece I teased two more articles explaining the 18 Criteria for a Lean Layout. Well, I’ve finally taken the time to put my thoughts together, and this is part one, the “front nine” of those 18 criteria. But first, a quick review:

Supply Chain – An Afterthought Process?

People Development & People Management Masterclass with Daryl Davis

Our sincere thanks to Daryl Davis , General Manager of Ductmakers for his excellent Masterclass on People Development and People Management  for SIRF this Tuesday

Roundtable meetings – a meeting of friends to help each other!

Some years ago, as a young engineer promoted into the role of Reliability manager for a large site in a regional country town, I received an email from someone about a meeting about reliability and it was at Qantas at the airport. Not sure I really fully understood what reliability really even meant at the time… so I thought why not attend… if anyone knows something about reliability it must be Qantas as their planes don’t fall out of the sky!

IMRt Masterclass | Infrared Condition Monitoring with Jeff Erichsen from Infrared Inspections and Technologies.

Those who've seen Jeff will know how down to earth and practical his presentations are.

Senior Leader Event | Design Thinking with Seamus Power - LP Partners

Topic: Critical future skill to drive innovation and customer connection and responsiveness

Seamus Power has 30+ years’ senior leadership experience as a CEO, General Manager successfully leading over 25 facility/organisation transformations in Australia, Europe and across Asia. Seamus is a recognised expert in Business Transformation, Design Thinking and Lean 6Sigma.  He is a founding partner of LP Partners, a consultancy which is focused on helping organisations  lift performance to world class levels of operational excellence and innovation.   He is also an Expert Advisor with Whitewater Transformations a global organisation with an industry leading success rate helping organisations transform.

Major Hazard Facility Maintenance and Management

Major hazard facilities (MHFs) are industrial sites that store, handle or process large quantities of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods, including petroleum products. This Common Interest Work Group creates the opportunity for those maintaining and managing Major Facilities to come together to discuss, learn and share on various aspects around these.


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