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The Importance Of Humanity

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to spend some time with a group of SIRF members visiting the Arnott's factory in Brisbane, an iconic brand that has gone through significant change over the years to maintain efficiencies and position in an ever changing market. Most of those changes have centred around automation and robotics, with the impact on the facility achieving great results.

One thing I couldn't help noticing as we walked around the facility was the way people smiled, said hello, answered a few questions we had and seemed to enjoy their work. It always makes me feel good when I go around facilities and see happy smiling people around the place, it is a great barometer of the culture and leadership of the plant.

Reflecting on that made me realise that for all it is important that we modernise and move towards new technologies, the heart of any business is still around the people. The impact of taking customers, shareholders, media, politicians and the public in general around a facility that is full of happy people is incredibly powerful, and the potential for brand development and market presence should not be missed, well done Arnott's for striking a great balance.

Thank you for an incredible day, from us all...

Arnotts tour



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