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SIRF - Thales Bendigo Site Tour

SIRF Thales Bendigo Site Tour

Sincere thanks to the Thales Bendigo team for their great presentations and site tour hosting at the SIRF Thales Bendigo site tour last Tuesday.

It was terrific that Thales Bendigo opened their site to allow other Australian manufacturers learn from their sharing of the really good Operational Excellence things Thales are doing.
It was also  good for the SIRF visitors to gain an understanding of the Thales & Thales Bendigo business and also the complexities and design challenges that go into to making a quality mobile protected defence vehicle such as the Hawkei – with its significantly different requirements from any other automobile maker that Australians would have typically seen. It was a great insight into to how they make a fast mobile protected vehicle "that you can trust with your life".. 

It was fantastic to have 40 people from 16 organisations willing to travel to see the excellence in manufacturing that exists in regional Victoria. This was the 3rd in our SIRF Regional Victoria Operational Excellence Showcase after having recently previously visited Thales & Schneider Electric in Benalla , as well as Foodmach in Echuca & the iconic Furphy .Engineering in Shepparton. 

If you are a MEX user for your Maintenance Management don't miss the  chance to visit Thales Bendigo again through SIRF when they will be hosting the SIRF Getting the Best out of MEX workshop on Wed 5th  June . This will be a chance for MEX users to network and share how they have made the system work for them.

Contact us or look at the SIRF website if you want some details of this and other great SIRF events




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