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People Development & People Management Masterclass with Daryl Davis

Our sincere thanks to Daryl Davis , General Manager of Ductmakers for his excellent Masterclass on People Development and People Management  for SIRF this Tuesday

It is such an important subject and great to have a leader with such passion, wisdom and experience share what he has learnt and is actively applying in his Ductmaker’s business. It was a privilege to hear Daryl’s approach to improve the personal capability of every individual within the Company so that the company can grow – with many lessons of value for all who attended.

Daryl’s presentation covered

Developing people:

  • Starts and ends with people
  • The Challenge
  • Development defined
  • Why
  • Business functions
  • Island of excellence in Sea of Mediocrity
  • Management task
  • Methods
  • Control docs / examples
  • Benefits
  • Deployment
  • Key message

Managing people:

  • Leader / manager – defined
  • What makes someone a better leader/manager
  • Clusters
  • Management fundamentals
  • Communicate Via VM
  • Start with
  • Performance management
  • Cascade – Business Plan to actual shop floor controls and examples (Balanced Score Card /Hoshin/Toolbox/matrix/forms  
  • Summary

On the day we had 31 people from 20 organisations and 6 States including NSW: Casella,  CSR Hebel , Pacific National   QLD: Opal, Orica, Majans    SA: Balco, Cheetham Salt, Minelab, Opal, Yalumba   Tas:  Nyrstar   Vic: CSR- Bradford, Opal, SHotton, Thales    WA: Opal

Following Daryl’s presentation, we had the opportunity for Q & A and also smaller group discussions.

Daryl’s excellent presentation is available for SIRF Members!

Those attending left with the following key Take Aways

Key Take Aways

  • It is always good to see how other people do things...especially in relation to managing and developing people which is one of the most difficult areas.
  • Manager vs Leader …..In or On the System
  • Develop your people to get the best out of them
  • Structure – Clearly defined
  • How do we get it to stick
  • Workshop across the different functions , getting collaboration and developing solutions rather than finger pointing
  • Ductmaker’s well developed and structured system requires maintenance to make it work. Requires communication, management, participation, sharing work load
  • Development of your people is vital to the success of your organisation
  • It is the leaders role to develop their people √
  • Try to break down silos to help with culture √
  • Listen to your employees and address issues immediately. Develop your employees.
  • Address problems or issues immediately is a clear way to demonstrate consistency
  • Challenge is to keep everyone engaged
  • KPI performance tracking that extends down to operator roles
  • It was great to see how Lean processes were being used and how bringing together the whole system
  • Empowering others, willingness to learn and grow , communication
  • Monthly check-in on progress is a great idea. Ductmakers have a very mature process. Great points on engagement and investing in your people.
  • Cascade strategy from leaders down to the shop floor, review frequently, support individuals
  • All departments to have same target, same path and work together for the betterment of the business. Develop your own people. Train, Coach and Mentor
  • Reminded that there are many avenues to explore with development based on individual needs / aspirations such as: coaching to improve current skillset, multi-skilling through supporting tasks/rotational opportunities, on the job development focuses on task specific opportunities, and performance reviews can facilitate growth and succession.
  • To generate positive momentum to motivate and develop team members to unlock their constraint to realise their strength and potential and lead to business improvement

We also had justifiably excellent feedback with either 8 – 9 or 10 out 10 for answer to would you recommend this to a friend or colleague and comments such as :

  • Daryl presented a very structured intensive approach which if shared and supported by all who are impacted by it will work well
  • Daryl presented well and covered a great deal of content in a short period.  
  • Great practical information that you can start applying directly straight away
  • Some great takeaways about people management, engagement, and performance reviews.
  • Some inspiration that the journey is possible and not completely out of reach!!
  • Really great discussion and Presentation from Daryl.
  • Please pass on my Thanks – It would be great to personally meet Darryl and have a look at the Duckmakers process facility  - Once Lock downs etc are over
  • Please pass on my thanks to Daryl – I also had the benefit of his additional insights and knowledge during the break out session – that was just absolute gold!!

Look forward to catching up with you all at some of the excellent forthcoming SIRF events!



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